E-Commerce Optimization

Implementing techniques to boost the website conversion rate, such as improving product pages, streamlining the checkout process, and increasing trust signals.

What is E-Commerce Optimization?

eCommerce optimization is a comprehensive method to optimizing your website and enabling visitors to effortlessly convert into buyers. Everything on your website, from navigation and design to content and product descriptions, should be designed to direct consumers to the desired outcome: acquiring your goods or services.

With conversion rate optimization being such a complicated process, it’s difficult to predict what has to be changed or added without doing a complete CRO audit. With over ten years of expertise in web design and SEO, our team has the knowledge and skills to enhance your website and, ultimately, the consumer experience.

71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.

Clearly, online sales represent a significant portion of product income; nevertheless, only 28% of small firms in the United States offer their items online, and even fewer optimize their sites to attract their target market.

Are you utilizing eCommerce optimization to increase your online profits? Do you have a product-based firm that does not allow people to buy online? We can help!

How will Paragon Ecommerce Optimization help you?

Experience Optimization

We help companies renovate and revamp storefronts to provide an engaging consumer experience. We also optimize the buyer experience to increase conversion rates and reengage clients.


Storefront Migration

We assist our customers migrate their storefronts to headless solutions from BigCommerce, Shopify, and Salsify. We also provide PIM and CMS migration, as well as customizable commerce solutions.


Performance Optimization

We help our customers grow and improve their commerce performance using Jamstack, as well as connections with Mulesoft and SAP. We also provide microservices to guarantee the seamless operation of existing ecommerce sites.


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