Climator Boiler Grants Scheme

November 18, 2016

Goverment Bioler Grants

A central heating system maintains a constant temperature throughout your home as opposed to electric heaters. Consider switching to a central heating system for advantages beyond lower energy usage.


Running Climator PPC campaigns to gather leads is a clever way to generate important leads for your company. With well prepared ad language and targeted keywords, PPC campaigns may capture the attention of prospective consumers who are actively looking for items or services similar to yours.


You may attract visitors to offer their contact information in return for useful resources such as eBooks, whitepapers, or free consultations by redirecting traffic to lead capture-optimised landing pages
80 - Targeted customers
87 - Leads With Profitalbe Customers


We've achieved outstanding results through our meticulously crafted ad campaigns. By harnessing the power of targeted messaging and strategic placement, we've witnessed remarkable growth in both engagement and conversions.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

From The Client

Working with SEO Paragon on their PPC ads has been an incredible delight, demonstrating the potential of teamwork. From the start, they displayed a thorough awareness of their target audience and business objectives, enabling us to adjust our methods for optimum effect.
Gary Frank
Founder, President - American Boiler Company