Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice of enhancing a website’s technical components to increase its exposure and performance in search engine results.

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Every second that your page load time is delayed raises your bounce rate and causes you to lose key leads. SEO Paragon Internet Marketing Agency’s technical search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you improve the performance of your website and attract high-quality leads and visitors.

Technical SEO: The First Step to Creating a Better Search Experience

The purpose of algorithm updates is to deliver the greatest possible user experience. To do this, you must first understand what technical SEO is, what it comprises, and how you can use an SEO technical audit to guarantee that your website follows search engine criteria and industry standards.

Technical on-page SEO consists of various components, including site performance, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), robots.txt, XML sitemap status, and content quality. These criteria are important to your website’s online success. According to Google, a 10-second page load time might result in a 123 percent higher bounce rate. A one-second delay in mobile page loading time may result in a 20% reduction in conversion rate, an 11% decrease in page visits, and a 16% loss in customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait until technical SEO problems have negative SEO implications for your site. Invest in technical SEO for eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMS) now to save time and money later.
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Technical SEO Services for Local Businesses

In today’s competitive digital market, you must remain up to speed on the newest technical on-page SEO methods and algorithm improvements to increase the profitability of your website. Understanding technical SEO and what it entails enables you to build your web pages for both online visitors and search engine crawlers.

Technical SEO involves the following processes:

  • Running a crawl error report
  • Auditing preferred domain
  • Checking HTTPS status codes
  • Creating an XMsitemap
  • Increasing site speed
  • Optimizing website for mobile
  • Performing a Google site search
  • Eliminating duplicate content
  • Improving metadata
  • Checking broken links
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Utilizing robots.txt
  • Auditing redirects
  • Among others

We recognize that navigating the intricate requirements and methods of technical optimization SEO on your own while managing your main company activities can be time-consuming, costly, and resource intensive. That is why our technical SEO professionals are here to assist you.

Does your website’s technical on-page SEO functionality degrade its organic search performance? Allow our skilled SEO firm to do the hard work for you. Thrive can handle your SEO technical assessment and optimization, allowing you to fulfill your full development potential.

Technical SEO Services

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Robots.txt Creation

Robots.txt creation is writing a text file called “robots.txt” and storing it in the root directory of a website to tell web robots (also known as web crawlers or spiders) on which pages or files to explore on the site.

XML Sitemap Creation

The process of creating an XML sitemap is creating a structured XML (Extensible Markup Language) file that contains all of a website’s URLs as well as extra information such as the last changed date and priority level. 

SSL Check

An SSL check is technique for determining the security settings and condition of an SSL certificate deployed on website. SSL certificates are used to create secure encrypted web server and a user’s browser.

Canonical Pages Check

A canonical pages check is the process of validating and ensuring that canonicalization tags are appropriately applied to web pages inside a website. Canonicalization is a technical SEO approach that addresses duplicate content concerns by identifying the preferable version of a web page among numerous copies available on the site.

URL Structure

URL structure describes the format and arrangement of web URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) used to access particular resources or pages on a website. A well-structured URL is not only user-friendly, but it also informs users and search engines about a website’s content and arrangement.

Improve Page Speed

Improving page speed is a good component of technical SEO for enhancing website performance and user experience. Faster page performance improves user experience, engagement, and search engine rankings.Results in a better user experience, user engagement, and better search engine rankings.

Duplicate Content Analysis

Duplicate content analysis is the procedure by which instances of duplicate or extremely similar content across multiple pages or websites are identified and evaluated. Duplicate content, as it pertains to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is defined as material that is present in multiple places across the internet. 

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